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So here is my holiday cards post that I might as well put out there now, so in case I get swamped with work and birthday stuffs next month I don't forget! ^^;

If anyone is doing holiday cards this year, and would like one from me, please reply with a comment to this post.  I have the comments screened, so don't worry!

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If you were in solitary confinement for the rest of your life, and you discovered a cockroach in your room, would you kill it or make it your friend?

I'd kill it!

So yes, I ventured onto a site that was selling the Vampire Knight artbook (thank you <lj user="sagakure"> for the link!), and I ordered it on Monday, and it got here today via EMS! XDDD So it's still in it's pretty plastic wrapping ready for me to open it - later.  Just got back from a vacation, which I needed and was awesome.  I ordered a few new releases of manga that came out this month, and waiting for those to come in, and I also pre-ordered Finder vol. 1 that is now being released by June/DMP.  Online it said the release date was August 25, so we'll have to see.  I was able to get the first vol. when it was put out by Be Beautiful and compare the two.  Usually I'm just lurking around, on my f-list and comm pages, not posting too much to my own! LOL

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I changed the theme of my lj page so I could see it better.  I'm on my bf's laptop and everything was too light, so I changed it to an Irish theme!  I have a lot of catching up to do with my f-list and anime to catch up on. (One thing that's really getting on my nerves is that the mouse moves while you're typing.  It's aggravating.  Do all laptops do this?  Grr.)  I have to catch up on the the third season of KKM, Vampire Knight Guilty, Slayers Revolution and some others.  Any recs for new anime?  My bf was watching Adult Swim and came across Moritobo, I think it's called and loves it.  I pretty much like all types of anime, so I'll check them out.  

Comic-Con this year was a blast!  I got to meet the producers of Supernatural and Jensen Ackles. *heart* *SQUEE* I also got to meetsvetlania after missing her for the past few cons (though I first saw her at Tokyopop's panel promoting Dramacon before it came out). I took all of my well-loved Dramacon volumes and they were giving out free issues of Yen Press, which have some cool new (to me) mangas in there.  One of them is Svet's Nightschool.  I like it a lot, and the manga version of Maximum Ride.  I also got to meet Seth Green and Michelle Ruff and Stephanie Sheh, who were totally awesome!  We also saw David Boreanaz, though I wish the cast of House had been there, that would have been awesome!!  Hugh Jackman, Jet Li, and Keanu Reeves were there too! (my friend didn't want to see Keanu's panel unless he was signing, so we missed it and when she freaked later, I said I told you so!) I also met a person that I knew back in Houston and he's now on American Gladiators and doing movie roles.  He's still the same - he remembered me and it was really good to see him doing well. 

Other than that, it's been work, and we (a bunch of us friends/co-workers) went out and OD'd on sushi!  It was a riot and I also got a sushi kit.  I do have a Japanese cookbook, but I need to get one for sushi. 

One more thing, if anyone loves Celtic/Irish music, check out this group of vocalists called Celtic Thunder - they are AWESOME!!!!!  I have both of their CD's and their DVD - love it - and they're on tour right now...

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I really didn't want to come back from vacation; it was so wonderful and relaxing to see family, de-stress, and just enjoy.  One problem - NO Red Wings hockey 2008 merchandise ANYWHERE!  So my aunt has promised to send me some once they come back in stock.  Went on the western side of MI to Holland, which was a Dutch settlement, has a Dutch village, and a working windmill.  I didn't get to see this, as my younger cousins wanted to go to the beach! *rolls eyes* But I'm glad I went.  While there, I picked up three Josh Groban CD's, and some other things you can only get in MI. (One of my aunts told me, "You came all the way here to buy Josh Groban CD's." I just shrugged and said it worked out that way. ^_~) And we promised it wouldn't be so long for the entire family to get together. 

AX '08 was cool.  I saw a lot of FF cosplayers, as well as Vampire Knight!  I squealed and took a pic of a VK cosplay group, complete with Shiki.  Got my first doujinshi, Ryuuki x Shuurei from Saiunkoku (very cutesy one - I was somewhat disappointed, LOL),  The English VA's for Ouran were announced, and I'm *hoping* that there will be something at Comic-Con, but we'll see.

Comic-Con is only days away - I'm very excited; Kube Tito-sensei is going to be there, as well as a Supernatural panel, complete with Jared and Jensen - they're both listed on the site, but CW said only Jensen would be appearing...also have to see the Robot Chicken panel, and of course the VIZ panels. 

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Here I am, back posting on LJ!!!!  I *have* been online, just not posting to my LJ...RL intruded for a while, and it seems things are looking up for the moment, and I'm moving at the end of the month - w00t!!!!!  Last year's AX and Comic-Con were fun, disorganized as far as staffing, met lots of people, Gene Simmons, and Nicolas Cage!  I also met my favorite author, Laurell K. Hamilton, as well. 

I'm currently watching the Vampire Knight anime, and it's very cool so far!  This year I'm taking time off to go visit family and after that I'm hoping to make at least one day of AX before I go to Comic-Con.  And hoping to get a laptop or at the very least a flat screen monitor for my desktop.  

*hugs to f-list*

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This meme was taken with much laughter from
_miyuchan_!  Read at your own risk!!!!!  Be prepared to laugh and say, "WTF?!"  

1. Go to www.google.com
2. Click on maps
3. Click on get directions
4. From New York
5. To Paris
6. Now read line 23...

.  .  .  .  .

OMG!  @_@

*whispers* I wonder if they know there's another way to Paris from New York?  You think they'd have come up with one!

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My big sis and I are planning a trip to Winnipeg, Canada.  So she asked me to put the word out for people in the area or that know someone in the area so we can learn while we're there.  If anyone has any info, please reply to this post with any links, etc. on where to go and info on Winnipeg!  This is much appreciated in advance! 

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I'm doing a Christmas present for a friend of mine - her latest pairing ship is Kakashi/Iruka; so I had an idea to draw them standing next to each other with Santa hats on and a big red bow on Iruka!  If anyone knows where I can find a good pic of the two of them standing next to each other that I can use as a reference, I'd greatly appreciate it!!!!  Or even a good pic of each of them, and I can just draw them together in the pic!

I finally got together with one of my friends, got my Comic-Con pics, and we went on a manga/anime spree for my belated b-day!  We first stopped at Mitsuwa, where I got the new LaLa and a manga volume I've been WAITING for!  Then we went to another one of our anime stores and looked around - they didn't have too much there that I hadn't already got.  Our last stop: Suncoast for my belated b-day present!  I really wanted the first DVD to Nerima Daikon Brothers, but I found in the used section the entire season of Slayers Try for $30!  You can guess what I chose! ^^ (That series is SO hard to find now!  My friend Michelle gave me the first season boxset, as she had two) She also found Knight Hunters Eternity there - the entire set for #12.50!  I really wanted that one and Slayers, so she got Slayers for me and I got Knight Hunters because I already have Weiss Kruess Gluhen.  And another friend is also sending me the first two DVD's of Kyoh Kara Maoh! as a Christmas present! 

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Here is a meme I got from _miyuchan_:

Make a post to your lj.  The post should contain your 10 holdiay wishes.  These wishes can be from small to really big - just make sure these wishes are things you really want.  If you wish real things, make sure to leave your address or e-mail address so Santa or his elves can get in touch with you.  Make sure you post a version of these rules on your lj so the holiday fun can continue!

1. Paid Megaupload account - it seems like more things are added to MU anyway...I'm so broke
2. The Fruits Basket Neko Fan Book
3. Good health and happiness to all of my RL and online friends
4. Nerima Daikon Brothers - whether it be the DVD's or uploaded episodes...>:)
5. I saw the manga releases for Vampire Knight in English, one of my friends had only a few copies when she went to Singapore (where she got them), but I couldn't afford them on Ebay. ^^;
6. Paid lj account and more tips so I get "with it" ^^;; - I haven't figured too much out, I'm always on friends' pages!
7. Inuyasha subbed 136-167 so I can finish the rest of the series!  
8. More good fanfics to read!  Especially with Sauinkoku, a new series I've gotten hooked on!  And KKM...^_^
9. If my big sis and I have to move, that things work out for us, and that I'm still able to go to AX next year - I had SO much fun!  
10. Harukanaru Toki no Nake de on DVD or uploaded subbed eps. - love that series as well!

My e-mail is savsirishprincesss@yahoo.com ^_^

And today's my birthday!  Two words: SUSHI FEST!  Hopefully I got everything figured out for this post...^^; Oh well....

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