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November 2010
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Sara [userpic]
Christmas wishlist and my birthday

Here is a meme I got from _miyuchan_:

Make a post to your lj.  The post should contain your 10 holdiay wishes.  These wishes can be from small to really big - just make sure these wishes are things you really want.  If you wish real things, make sure to leave your address or e-mail address so Santa or his elves can get in touch with you.  Make sure you post a version of these rules on your lj so the holiday fun can continue!

1. Paid Megaupload account - it seems like more things are added to MU anyway...I'm so broke
2. The Fruits Basket Neko Fan Book
3. Good health and happiness to all of my RL and online friends
4. Nerima Daikon Brothers - whether it be the DVD's or uploaded episodes...>:)
5. I saw the manga releases for Vampire Knight in English, one of my friends had only a few copies when she went to Singapore (where she got them), but I couldn't afford them on Ebay. ^^;
6. Paid lj account and more tips so I get "with it" ^^;; - I haven't figured too much out, I'm always on friends' pages!
7. Inuyasha subbed 136-167 so I can finish the rest of the series!  
8. More good fanfics to read!  Especially with Sauinkoku, a new series I've gotten hooked on!  And KKM...^_^
9. If my big sis and I have to move, that things work out for us, and that I'm still able to go to AX next year - I had SO much fun!  
10. Harukanaru Toki no Nake de on DVD or uploaded subbed eps. - love that series as well!

My e-mail is savsirishprincesss@yahoo.com ^_^

And today's my birthday!  Two words: SUSHI FEST!  Hopefully I got everything figured out for this post...^^; Oh well....

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY~! ♥ Have fun stuffing your face with sushi. :DDD

Hee, I did - after a satisying manga run which ended up with Fruits Basket 15, Hana-Kimi 15, and a few others! Then it was a Suncoast run where I got the first two box sets of Naruto uncut! XDDDD And after the sushi, we had strawberry mochi! Yum!


since sadly I can't do expo... stupid work and stuff... dammit

Thanks for the b-day wishes, Linds! I don't know if I will still be in CA around that time - I may have to move out of state 'cause it's so damn expensive...;_;

Lucinda and David both wish you the happiest birthday EVAR too!

tho you only know Luchan.... heheh but David is sweet and means it too!

Thanks again! Please tell Lu-chan and David I said thank you!!!