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November 2010
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Sara [userpic]
Back from vacation, and it's Comic-Con time!

I really didn't want to come back from vacation; it was so wonderful and relaxing to see family, de-stress, and just enjoy.  One problem - NO Red Wings hockey 2008 merchandise ANYWHERE!  So my aunt has promised to send me some once they come back in stock.  Went on the western side of MI to Holland, which was a Dutch settlement, has a Dutch village, and a working windmill.  I didn't get to see this, as my younger cousins wanted to go to the beach! *rolls eyes* But I'm glad I went.  While there, I picked up three Josh Groban CD's, and some other things you can only get in MI. (One of my aunts told me, "You came all the way here to buy Josh Groban CD's." I just shrugged and said it worked out that way. ^_~) And we promised it wouldn't be so long for the entire family to get together. 

AX '08 was cool.  I saw a lot of FF cosplayers, as well as Vampire Knight!  I squealed and took a pic of a VK cosplay group, complete with Shiki.  Got my first doujinshi, Ryuuki x Shuurei from Saiunkoku (very cutesy one - I was somewhat disappointed, LOL),  The English VA's for Ouran were announced, and I'm *hoping* that there will be something at Comic-Con, but we'll see.

Comic-Con is only days away - I'm very excited; Kube Tito-sensei is going to be there, as well as a Supernatural panel, complete with Jared and Jensen - they're both listed on the site, but CW said only Jensen would be appearing...also have to see the Robot Chicken panel, and of course the VIZ panels. 

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Hey you!
I'll probably run into you there! I'm so excited because there's going to be Torchwood panel, with 4/5 of the cast from the 1st two seasons. Gah... John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd in person. Too good to be true!
I'm having a friend fly in from Louisiana for the Con -- she's the shitstirrer that got me into Torchwood. *laughs*
Hope all is well with you!