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November 2010
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Sara [userpic]
Back after a long absence ^^;;

I changed the theme of my lj page so I could see it better.  I'm on my bf's laptop and everything was too light, so I changed it to an Irish theme!  I have a lot of catching up to do with my f-list and anime to catch up on. (One thing that's really getting on my nerves is that the mouse moves while you're typing.  It's aggravating.  Do all laptops do this?  Grr.)  I have to catch up on the the third season of KKM, Vampire Knight Guilty, Slayers Revolution and some others.  Any recs for new anime?  My bf was watching Adult Swim and came across Moritobo, I think it's called and loves it.  I pretty much like all types of anime, so I'll check them out.  

Comic-Con this year was a blast!  I got to meet the producers of Supernatural and Jensen Ackles. *heart* *SQUEE* I also got to meetsvetlania after missing her for the past few cons (though I first saw her at Tokyopop's panel promoting Dramacon before it came out). I took all of my well-loved Dramacon volumes and they were giving out free issues of Yen Press, which have some cool new (to me) mangas in there.  One of them is Svet's Nightschool.  I like it a lot, and the manga version of Maximum Ride.  I also got to meet Seth Green and Michelle Ruff and Stephanie Sheh, who were totally awesome!  We also saw David Boreanaz, though I wish the cast of House had been there, that would have been awesome!!  Hugh Jackman, Jet Li, and Keanu Reeves were there too! (my friend didn't want to see Keanu's panel unless he was signing, so we missed it and when she freaked later, I said I told you so!) I also met a person that I knew back in Houston and he's now on American Gladiators and doing movie roles.  He's still the same - he remembered me and it was really good to see him doing well. 

Other than that, it's been work, and we (a bunch of us friends/co-workers) went out and OD'd on sushi!  It was a riot and I also got a sushi kit.  I do have a Japanese cookbook, but I need to get one for sushi. 

One more thing, if anyone loves Celtic/Irish music, check out this group of vocalists called Celtic Thunder - they are AWESOME!!!!!  I have both of their CD's and their DVD - love it - and they're on tour right now...

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Celtic Thunder

You are SOOOOO RIGHT about Celtic Thunder's being AWESOME. I saw them on PBS, bought their DVD, and just came back from their live performance.

I have seen thousands of music concerts by many nationally and internationally famous artists, but Celtic Thunder beats them all combined! This show truly beats The Beatles and Elvis and every act since then, in quality of the singing, talent of the artists, songs chosen, lyrics matching the performers, set design, lighting, sound, costuming, choreography, orchestral accompaniment and arrangements, tight timing of the songs, etc. A crew member was even pre-tuning the guitars and passing them out to the guitarist between sets to keep the action moving along at a steady pace. The entire show synergistically combined all the above into one heck of an enjoyable evening. I could hardly see the stage due to the profuse tears of joy and wonderment at the emotions these folks jerked out of my gut. The person I brought to the show with me exclaimed that it will be a performance he will remember for a lifetime. He had never heard of them before, and is going to buy the DVD via the internet tonight, and play it for all his friends and family.

Sharon Browne and Phil Coulter sure did a fantastic job of assembling the professional and talented people and crafting the show into such an amazing experience. This show is definitely worth whatever it costs to get in, no matter what your budget or priorities. It redefines the American music experience.