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November 2010
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Sara [userpic]
Vampire Knight artbook is in!

So yes, I ventured onto a site that was selling the Vampire Knight artbook (thank you <lj user="sagakure"> for the link!), and I ordered it on Monday, and it got here today via EMS! XDDD So it's still in it's pretty plastic wrapping ready for me to open it - later.  Just got back from a vacation, which I needed and was awesome.  I ordered a few new releases of manga that came out this month, and waiting for those to come in, and I also pre-ordered Finder vol. 1 that is now being released by June/DMP.  Online it said the release date was August 25, so we'll have to see.  I was able to get the first vol. when it was put out by Be Beautiful and compare the two.  Usually I'm just lurking around, on my f-list and comm pages, not posting too much to my own! LOL

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Ooh the VK artbook.

Is it in English or Japanese? The only way I will be able to order it is from an english site. How is it? Are there new Kaname and Zero artwork? Up to what chapter does it cover? Or is it anime-focused?

It's in Japanese, there are 92 wonderful pages of artwork, some from the VK covers/chapters and some that Hino-sensei probably did specifically for the artbook. The pages are thicker (which is nice, less tearing) and the artwork is oh-so-kawaii! <3 (only manga drawings, nothing animated) I ordered it from HMV online (you can also view their site in English), and it cost me a pretty penny, but soooo worth it. Kaname and Zero each have a full page, the main trio cover also has a poster inside, and there is a "bonus" section for new art. The only text is at the back, Hino-sensei wrote a note in Japanese (which of course I can't read XD) but if you're a fan of her work and VK again, so worth it!